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• Free download package: 2 audio-visual meditation videos in full HD •

“The Infinite in Between”

“The Infinite in Between” is an audio-visual meditation, an homage to the mysterious beauty of creation. It creates a sense of wonder and can help you reconnect to your own infinite fountain within.

It is only 6 minutes long and perfect for quickly relaxing your body and rejuvenating your spirit. People reported to have felt deeply touched and reminded of their own Source.

6 Minutes, 1080p Full HD

“Cosmic Floating 1.5” Full Length

Cosmic Floating is a relaxing visual meditation with slow dreamlike animations. They are imagery of invisible worlds, energy dynamics, states of consciousness and patterns of creation.

It is an open-eyed meditation designed to take you to the inner space. The audio entrainment technology designed by musician, sound artist, researcher and engineer Javi Otero synchronises your brain waves to the meditative alpha state, best suited to recharge your energy and nourish your spirit.

20 Minutes, 1080p Full HD, Audio Entrainment


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