This Cosmic Meditation is an audio-visual journey into the state of tranquility within. It invites you to experience the invisible worlds, energy dynamics, states of consciousness and patterns of creation in order to reconnect to your true Being.

It is an open-eyed meditation designed to take you into the state of inner peace and spaciousness. The music by Void Visuals is enhanced with audio entrainment technology by Javi Otero, which synchronises your brain waves to the meditative alpha state. 

Let this 20-min journey take you into a state of deep relaxation and wonder.

All visuals in this animation are available as License for your own productions.
Check out the video packs in the ▶ VOID VISUALS SHOP

Let me know about your feelings and experiences in the comments below.


  1. Christophe fender

    Un pure voyage dans l’infini

    • Minghao Xu

      Merci Cristophe 😊🙏

  2. Rodolfo

    Thanks, I am finding your works as real aids inspiring us to go on advancing within our inner explorations. Thanks


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