In 2016 I was interviewed for the live video series called Spirit TECHTalks, hosted by iAwake Technologies and Spiritual Technologies 2.0.

This is especially interesting for those who love topics related to spirituality and technology. I talked about how I started to create visionary art, what the turning point was for me that dramatically changed my life, and how VOID VISUALS as well as SOURCE ALIGNED came into being.

Let me know what you think in the comments below. Enjoy!

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  1. SH

    One of my favorite aspects of your rendering style here is how you utilized the slight variance in the energy latticework line-weights to almost equally match the slight variance of silhouetted line-weights contoured around the represented human anatomies; those shared highlights –along with the color matching of spiraling torus with its precipital energies flowing– really unifies these layered transparencies of field-like geometric concepts encapsulating the human form. it’s a pretty awesome demonstration of mastery in design…multidimensional innerspace is certainly challenging to render without ending up a complicated mess or resorting to abstractions.


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